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An Overview

  • ESWL is a major milestone in Urology. By this method, kidney and ureteric stones are treated without surgery.
  • No risk of kidney damage.
  • No surgery, No scars, Slightly painful, No anesthesia.
  • Simple and safe even for aged patients and children.
  • A harmless method suitable even for diabetic, hypertensive and cardiac patients.
  • Patient can resume work immediately.
  • One-day treatment only.
  • Handled by well-qualified Urologists assuring complete removal of kidney stones with additional procedures, if needed.
  • Consultation after prior appointment.

After treatment follow-up – Free fluoroscopy and ultrasound scan screening.


The following are the frequently asked questions answered by

Dr. C. Chinnaswami, M.S., M.Ch, FRCS., Chairman, TNURC, Kidney Stone Clinic, Chennai.

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